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Meetings canceled 'til further notice

Dear TCBA Members and Followers,

Like you, I have been watching the COVID-19 pandemic unfold. After discussions with the executive committee and in light of Governor Cooper's Executive Order #117, we have determined the most prudent thing to do is cancel all upcoming meetings until further notice. Although our meetings do not typically fit the category of "mass gathering of greater than 100 people," it would be difficult for people to attend our meetings and maintain the recommended safe "social distancing" of 6 feet.

We will happily announce when our meetings will resume. If we are fortunate, it might be in April or May. Until then please use out FB page to interact with other TCBA members at

I encourage beekeepers to interact with each other in much smaller gatherings (2-3) outdoors and preferably in your bee yards. Although not scientifically proven, I feel confident that working with bees will boost your well-being and stimulate your immune system. So take this opportunity to spend more time with your bees!

Meanwhile, please stay accurately informed on how to remain safe and minimize the risk of infection or transmission. The NC Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) provides regular updates at:

Sincerely, Susan Spruill President, TCBA


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