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News from the President's Cell

From the President’s Cell (January 1, 2019):

Happy New Year!

The bees are flying today.

It’s a new year: a time for reflecting and a time for planning. As I reflect on 2018, I realize it was a very busy beekeeping year trying to keep the hives fed and happy throughout our very wettest year on record. In addition, there was the mentoring of some young beekeepers, participation in some hive cut-outs, swarms to catch and Toe Cane Beekeeper Association activities to attend.

As I sit to write this message, I realize 2019 is also going to be a busy beekeeping year. If you missed the last meeting of 2018, the officers for 2019 are yours truly returning as President, Ed Geouge as Vice President, Debbie Griffith returning as Secretary and Mary Sheldon returning as Treasurer. We are already setting the calendar for meeting dates. Our programs coordinator, Zach Downing, is calling potential speakers. Our first meeting is only 8 weeks away (February 26, weather permitting).

Here is my chance to solicit your volunteer time to our club. The TCBA has grown over the years to 58 members, with regular attendance of more than 30 people each month. While we’ve lost a few older beekeepers, we have seen an influx of young beekeepers. This is exciting, but it also means there are some growing pains. In order for the TCBA to remain the resource for community awareness, mentoring and pollinator education, we need members to not only attend speaker meetings, but to participate in the club’s other activities. Committees that need help include:

Merchandise and sales: Help design merchandise for the club to sell at events. What can it be t-shirts, hats, key rings, beekeeping tool?Crafts Fairs planning: The club has a booth at the fair every year where we sell honey, showcase our observation hive and education the public about the importance of honey bees. Volunteers have to be scheduled for set up, operations and take down. Planning begins soon!Mayland Honey Tasting Contest planning: This will be our 4th year! We need volunteers to help with planning.Pollinator Gardens: Every year the County Extension Agency and the local Master Gardeners plan a new pollinator friendly garden. Do you know plants? Help us be more involved in this wonderful community activity.

There’s more, that I can’t even think of at the moment. In addition, we are going to be more proactive in 2 areas: mentoring and swarm/cut-out responses. If you are interested in being a mentor, mentoring or both, please send me an email at If you are interested in being on the swarm/cut-out call list, please send me an email (at above) with you telephone number and the area you are willing to respond to.

If you are reading this and you are not a member of TCBA, consider joining. It is the best way to immerse yourself into the world of beekeeping.

Keep track of activities on our website: or on Facebook @toecane.

Happy Bee Year!

Susan Spruill

2019 President, TCBA


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