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Welcome to 2020

From the President’s Cell (January 2020)

Welcome to the year 2020! The number alone brings up all sorts of imagery, but the one I think of is “visual acuity”. In an eye exam, having 20/20 vision indicates optimal clarity and sharpness of vision at a distance of 20 feet. I look forward, with optimal clarity and sharpness, to the next 366 days of beekeeping. Yes, 366. To make this year even better, 2020 is a leap year, so we get an extra day to spend with our bees and our beekeeping friends.

If you missed the last meeting of 2019, the officers for 2020 are Susan Spruill returning as President, Edward Geouge returning as Vice President, Debbie Griffith returning as Secretary and John Pearson as our new Treasurer. Our first meeting will be on February 25th, weather permitting. Join us as we lay out our VISION for 2020.

Also, I have to share some news from our awesome members. First, Leigh Knott has a podcast called Beekeeping at Five Apple Farm. Leigh began this podcast in February of 2019. With nearly weekly episodes, this podcast has been ranked #10 by as one of the best beekeeping podcasts, blogs and YouTube channels to follow for 2020. Starting on January 3rd, Leigh is doing a series called Bee School Radio 2020. These episodes will be geared toward new beekeepers. Not sure you have what it takes to be a beekeeper? Listen to Leigh as she leads you into the fascinating and addictive world of beekeeping. Podcasts are available on most podcast player apps or online at Also follow Leigh on her beekeeping journey through Facebook at

The second exciting thing is from Michelle Mejia at Moral Bees ( Michelle has taken the next step in commercializing her beekeeping and queen rearing habit by having her operation inspected and permitted to sell bees and queens. These Appalachian queens are open mated and proven to be hearty to our local environment above 2700 ft. elevation. 2019 queens will be ready for new homes by April, 2020. If you find you need to requeen your hives, 2020 queens are scheduled to be available by June, 2020. You can also follow Michelle and Moral Bees on Facebook at

Lastly, the Toe Cane Beekeepers Association is a step closer to installing a community apiary in Yancey County this Spring. With the help of members and the county Cooperative Extension Service, we hope to install 2 to 6 hives, of various configurations, to be used in demonstrations to the public and interested groups. Do you have some equipment/hives you’d like to donate to the community apiary? Let me know at the next meeting which will happen at 6 p.m. February 25, 2020 at our usual location —United Community Bank, Burnsville.

Keep track of activities on our website: or on Facebook at

Happy Bee Year!

Susan Spruill

2020 President, TCBA


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